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Easter is Coming!

We are thrilled to celebrate Easter together as a community at the Altria Theater! Here are three things we invite you to do today as you prepare:


Serving is a great way to get in on the action—no experience necessary! We invite you to consider serving at one service and attending the other. This is a great way to serve together as a family—there are openings in every area. Sign up here.


Reserving your seats ensures you will not miss out on communication leading up to Easter, as well as allow us to plan for your arrival. Reservations are for general seating and no printed or electronic tickets are required. Don’t forget to plan for your kids—Hope Kids is for walkers-5 years as well as special needs kids from walkers-5th grade. Reserve your seat here.


There is nothing more powerful than a personal invitation. Consider inviting someone to check out church for the first time—or the first time in a long time. You can also share on social media here.

Theologian Emil Brunner once said, “what oxygen is for the lungs, such is hope for the meaning of human life.” What a joy it is to celebrate the hope of Christ together this Easter. We can’t wait!


HOPE Church

Offering experiences, relationships and places where people can find life and purpose through Jesus Christ. From the beginning, Hope has been trying to help people who don’t know God, have every opportunity to do so. It’s part of our DNA. Since we believe a church is people and not a building, this means our mission can happen every day and all over the place – as Hope people go to work or school, and spend time with family, friends and colleagues. This means that we could offer experiences anywhere we find ourselves – a ball game, an evening out for dinner with a friend, a neighborhood cookout – you get the picture. It means that many places can become places where we seek to help people find life, God-life, the real thing. And we know that this often happens though sincere relationships and friendships.

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