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Hope for the Week - 7/12/17

Hope Business Items
Officer Nominations
Nominations for Hope officers (elders and deacons) are now open. Any active member of Hope may nominate any other active member who is not a part of their own family. Please prayerfully consider this, and send nominations to from now through July 23.

Congregational Announcement
Members of Hope are asked to vote by ballot on July 23 on a motion from our elders. For the past several months the elders along with our Finance Team and a research team have been working on the question of strategic funding for Hope and our use of debt for advancing our mission. This motion asks the congregation to approve parameters regarding our use of debt. Briefing information and FAQ sheets are available at the Connect desks at West Creek and Midtown.

Bill of Health for Medical Ambassadors International
As a part of our sermon series on missions, we’re inviting you to give a “bill of health” to support Medical Ambassadors International. This organization works to meet the needs (spiritual and physical) of people all over the world. 
Giving is easy — just drop one or more $20 bills in a collection box outside the auditorium anytime during the month of July.

Summer Baptisms
If you’d like to participate in Believers’ Baptism this summer, please attend the pre-baptism meeting on 7/16. Find more info and register at

Hope Playgroup Family Afternoon
Hope Playgroup is hosting a family afternoon this Saturday, July 15 from 3-6pm! If you have small children, join other families of Hope for fun at the playground followed by pizza, ice-cream bars, and a movie. Please register here. If you have questions, please contact

If you’re in your 20s to early 30s (married or single), please join us for our summer series every Tuesday evening from July 18 through August 15 at 7pm in our Midtown office (4912 W. Marshall Street, Richmond). We will have dessert, fun, fellowship, and hear from dynamic speakers about what it means to live out our faith during this chapter of our life. Questions? E-mail

Book on Love 
Join us for a three-part seminar for married or engaged couples. We’ll explore what the Bible says about marriage, oneness, communication, and intimacy. July 27 – 29 at Hope West Creek. Register at

Hope Students Summer Schedule
Middle and high school students are invited to join us for some fun summer activities! Bring a friend or come meet some new ones. High school meets on Sunday nights, 7-8:30 and middle school meets on Tuesday nights, 7-8:30 at The Lodge. Check out these upcoming events:

Fiesta Night – July 16 (high school) and July 18 (middle school)
A fiesta with a taco bar, salsa dancing, and tons of water activities. Wear a bathing suit under your clothes if you prefer. 

Sunday Night Live - High school only. July 23

See the complete summer schedule here

The U for College Students 
If you are a college student or between the ages of 18-22, we invite you to join us for a weekly gathering this summer at the Lodge. Join college students from around Richmond as we get to know each other, worship and grow in faith together. The U meets on Thursday nights from 7:30-9:00pm. Email Kevin Kyle for more information.

Our community is growing, and we are excited about several new opportunities to join our staff. Find details at


Listen to the first sermon, “Crowd Compassion,” in our new Moved series here.

Hope Cast (formerly the Becoming Podcast)
The Hope Cast is a weekly podcast conversation on finding life. Tune in each Friday for inspiration, encouragement, and ways to live out your faith in everyday life. You can find the Hope Cast by searching Hope Cast RVA in the iTunes podcast app, by using the Media section of the Hope Church app, or by clicking here! 

Hope Playlist
Looking for some fresh music? Follow Hope Central on Spotify to hear what songs are currently inspiring us!

Anxiety Group
What is anxiety and what it is not? Join this informative and interactive group that will encourage appropriate healing, sharing, and relationship building. Starting August 1st, Tuesdays at 7pm for 10 weeks at Hope Church West Creek. Led by Brenda Murray and Susan Cromer. Limited to 12. For more information or to join the group, please email

Reminder about Hope Places Donations
Please remember to write “Hope Places” on the memo line of your check, so we can make sure they are properly credited. Thank you!

Hope Places Update   
Hope Places         1/1-7/10/17         Since Inception      Pledge
Pledge Rec’d      $523,333.72         $7,252,470.52  $9,162,994.62
Unpledged Rec’d  $68,618.68          $539,906.29
Thrift                                                 $523,371.28       $596,468.00
Total                    $531,758.37         $8,315,748.09  $9,759,462.62

Cost of Project                                       $13,800,00.00
Beginning Balance                                 – $1,743,280.00
Funds Rec’d to Date                              -  $8,315,748.09
Outstanding Pledge Contributions          $1,910,524.10
Bal to Fund if All Contrib Rec’d               $1,830,447.81

Ways to Make Giving Easy
We invite you to set up an online or recurring bill pay for your tithes and financial contributions. This method is helpful to you and to the church! Online giving may be done via The City, bill pay, PayPal, and EFT’s. Every gift is used to fulfill our mission of offering experiences, relationships and places where people can find LIFE and PURPOSE through Jesus Christ. Find more information here.


Congratulations to Danielle Winkler and John Bucci, who were married on Saturday, July 1, 2017!

Congratulations to Brooke Taylor and Jay Lustig, who were married on Saturday, July 8, 2017!

In this section we announce significant life events that occur within our Hope community. If you are celebrating the birth of a child or a marriage, or have experienced the death of an immediate family member, please contact the Hope office at 804-708-5330.

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Offering experiences, relationships and places where people can find life and purpose through Jesus Christ. From the beginning, Hope has been trying to help people who don’t know God, have every opportunity to do so. It’s part of our DNA. Since we believe a church is people and not a building, this means our mission can happen every day and all over the place – as Hope people go to work or school, and spend time with family, friends and colleagues. This means that we could offer experiences anywhere we find ourselves – a ball game, an evening out for dinner with a friend, a neighborhood cookout – you get the picture. It means that many places can become places where we seek to help people find life, God-life, the real thing. And we know that this often happens though sincere relationships and friendships.

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